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VALM:How and when has began your musical career? Singers or musical styles that have influenced you?

GD: I always sang, throughout my life, but never seriously- I wanted to be a writer and an illustrator. When I was 20, I rented a room from a lady who was a singer. She urged me to sing, by practicing daily singing along to records I liked. It was then I found my path, my passion, 32 years ago.
I can say I've been influenced by all the great real, passionate singers throughout time, and they still continue to inspire me.

VALAM:How do you remember the days with Christian Death? Any anecdote you want to share your experience in the band?

GD:I was pregnant with my son when I joined the band, going on tour in Europe, and recording Catastrophe Ballet; I was then 8 months into my pregnancy- recording and touring...I didn't know what country I would be in when he was born! I went to the hospital the night prior to our show at The Batcave, in London, in 1984, and had Sevan. Rozz Williams was proud to be his Godfather. We played the Batcave , rescheduled a week later, the night I got out of the hospital, and continued touring. This was a very unusual experience, nursing new life, and going onstage with the most exciting deathrock music flowing out of us all!

VALAM:What were your favorite songs and you most enjoyed singing in Christian Death?

GD:I just loved singing.

VALAM:When and why did you left the band?

GD:I left in 1989. It was time.

VALAM:We know you had a relationship with Valor Kand with whom you had your two sons, Sevan and Zara. What are your memories of that time with Valor?

GD:Yes, Valor and I were married. Sevan is my son, Zara my daughter.
Valor was a very hardworking songwriter arrranger, working on music always. He was a creative genius.

VALAM:How was your relationship with Rozz Williams? What can you tell us about the reunion with Rozz and your experience have made Dream Home Heartache? Any story you want to share of those days between the recording of the album and concerts together?

GD:Rozz and I loved each other deeply, and with much respect, always. He was like my baby brother, only 20 years ahead of me, always.
He wanted to work with me again, after I left Valor. I was really too ashamed to contact him until around 1992, when we made plans to tour and record. We were so inspired together, again, for that time, and from that time on, very close, yet again.
Rozz understood from such an early age the tragedy of being human, with its limitations of love, and lack of compassion- profoundly, as he expressed in his writing, art and music. It was always nearly too much for him to bear; it took him over at the end.

VALAM:What did urge you to begin a solo career and what were your personal purposes?

GD:I am a born artist, singer, songwriter. My path is more than an urge, it is life itself. It is my purpose, the channelling of my spiritual soul.

VALAM:What are your favorite songs from your solo albums and you most enjoy playing live?

GD:I love singing. I always do the best I can to express the song; you must give yourself to music. My greatest enjoyment is feeling the enjoyment mutually with the audience , sharing the power of music during a live performance.

VALAM:Which is the solo album that you feel more personal and intimate of your career?

GD:They are all personal, and all different. I change, and explore music and all forms continually, and I don't look back. I am always in a relationship with my current work.

VALAM:What has meant for you to record and sing a song as mythical as Gloomy Sunday?

GD:A beautiful ode to the sorrow of death.

VALAM:What Bondage means to you and how it affects your life and your creativity?

GD:We are conditioned, put in bondage from the time we are born. The challenge is fully comprehending its existance in order to be free.
The imagination is unlimited. Freeing it is creativity. Bondage is creativity, too.

VALAM:Besides being a member of one of the pioneers of Death Rock bands, based on the Post-Punk, Punk-Rock, we consider you a pioneer of the genre that today is very important: Dark Cabaret. How do you feel Dark Cabaret in your musical style?

GD:I have been told that "Dream Home Heartache" is Dark Caberet. But before that, I never heard of that genre. I've always just done what I do...if it fits in that area, that's fine. I did minimal, dark, sad caberet songs from the onset of my work in Christian Death. It's always resurfacing.

VALAM:How has been born the project with your daughter Zara: The Crystelles? What influences you both at the time of writing the songs? How do you live this Mother-Daughter experience on the same project?

GD:The Crystelles started 5 years ago, when Zara started joining me- I had been writing songs on guitar for the first time, instead of piano. I let music guide me, writing the songs. Now, Zara is singing in the Crystelles too, besides drums. It's very "organic" The Crystelles, it has a life of its own, we let it guide us. Our relationship is far beyond Mother-Daughter simplicity. The fact we have placed in these roles in this life is extraordinary.

VALAM:Can you can anticipate something about the movie you are filming "The House of Dead Sorrows"?

GD:The film relates to one of the most important revelations of my life: the breakthrough to the spirit world through the connection of love. The movie, in surrealist mode, expresses the story of the breakthrough- it is a love poem for the dead. it should be completed by summertime.

VALAM:Also you told us you are about to publish a book: "The Blood", What can you tell us about this?

GD:It is a surrealistic scenario, illustrated. It regards fluidic relations and exchanges between all energy. I still am completing the illustrations.

VALAM:Can you tell us about your new solo upcoming album? You know we are deeply excited with your announce, so Do you have a release date?

GD:Before summer, The Crystelles will record a new lp. In the summer, I'll begin recording my solo lp- 8 songs are written for that.  I don't have a release date, but I'll let you know asap!

VALAM:How can you define your artistic and personal life?

GD:It is one

VALAM:Would you like to give a message to your fans and all Volver a la Magia Radio-Show listeners?

GD:Find your path, and follow your Dreams! The more you believe in your dreams, your art, the more it believes in you! Love.
Thank you, my Beautiful Darlings! I'm so glad I could get this interview to you!

Interview made by Marcela Kruger (McKland) March, Friday 25th, 2011 for the Special Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Tribute to Gitane Demone

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