"...Why I Remember..."

Various Artists Compilation
(2 CD in digipak with transparent booklet, 31 tracks, limited and hand-numbered to 150 copies)
Dark Ambient Industrial Atmospheric Noise (Poland-2009)

"Why I remember" is a conceptual album, to listen to in times of special relaxation and to feel engaging with its emotional message.
I have the privilege in being the first who wrote a review of this musical work released in Poland, which gathers the songs of famous bands and others that deserve to be discovered.
Each song provides an atmosphere charged with emotion, developed and intelligent.
These 2 CDs are proposing an extensive journey to hidden emotions, atmospheric passages, melancholy and darkness, oppression and sadness.
A musical journey guided by Atmospheric Dark Ambient sounds, Industrial reasoned and thorough, with Neoclassical touches, some nuances including Noise, representing masterful gray and icy scenes.
Each song creates in our minds an imaginary walk on these fields passages, galleries, walls, ashes, expressing feelings of oppression, between horror and despair of their victims.
I think it well could be a soundtrack, since each song is a projection of images of suffering in itself.
Deserve an honorable mention, not ignore or discard the rest, the songs provided by master projects, giving moments full of emotion, his melodies that unfold beyond what atmospheric:

Life's Decay of France, makes its neoclassical gothic industrial sound, with a sweet female voice, giving melancholy that makes the song more melodic album par excellence.

The German project Verney 1826, which gives its characteristic atmosphere neoclassical and melodious with hints medievalists and enveloping darkness.

Daniel Zalewski, of Poland, offers a profound regret, a feeling, deep, hidden from the place of the soul, marked by indelible memories of pain and tragedy.

Ancient Tundra of Canada, offers a neoclassical melody full of melancholy and sadness.

Hellbone from Switzerland, with a sound industrial nearest martial, bringing the mood for a few moments.

Nemeseis, German project, with melody Industrial Neofolk, offers a song full of melancholy and a sense of strength restoration of pain, is like a relief ...

¡Kos Eugeniusz + Bialkiewicz of Poland, Industrial declaims with sound, a speech of thoughts, a story and flawless monologue.

AKHII of France, is combined with screaming pain, and sound industrial Noise.

ELDAR in Spain, we are immersed in neo-classical melodies and environmental shocks, passageways, dark, so masterful.

Why I remember? ...Because it is impossible to forget, because death and horror can not be omitted in any chapter of the story, because the tragedy is unforgettable, because it deserves to be told, so that humanity once and for all, learn pain of the past...We must stop repeating the same mistakes ...

So this album is an excellent reason, an artistic and emotional intelligence proposal, to take a path towards knowledge of what should not happen again,...

Puntuation: 9
Review by McKland
Volver a la Magia
Radio-Show Host
Buenos Aires, Argentina
(2009 June, Monday 22)
Re-issue: 22/10/2009

Review published Online on WHY I REMEMBER MYSPACE


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