Vic Anselmo
Trapped In A Dream
Gothic/Victorian Alternative Metal (Latvia-2009)


Vic Anselmo is an exotic young artist singer and songwriter born in Riga, Latvia. Trapped in a dream is her debut album, containing 10 songs that define her own style borderless horizon, based on lyrics, composition and music so original and refreshing.
Vic is a talented artist exploring creative electronic sounds, with a flamboyant presence and image, as extraordinary and sensual vocalization, is her trademark and distinctive, with respect to all precedent in this genre so prolific and repetitive in its exponents.
Inspired by a wide range of musical styles such as Blues, Soul, Rock, Grunge, Gothic Metal, she offers an innovative alternative proposal.
Her voice is melodious and virtuous, and the melancholy exploits masterfully in superb choruses, among electric guitars, victorian keyboards and powerful percussion, providing a majestic emotional potential.
The concept of the album, is defined in its title Trapped in dreams. Vic is a cultivator of the dream world, every song is a dream in itself, as she herself said: "The dreams always encouraged me in my darkest hour. My songs are my revelations and at the same time, my attempts to imagine the other people's dreams ... "
A refreshing and exciting album, which lifts the mood and invites you to dream. Wonderful.

My favorite songs: Who?, Beverly, Put your spell on me, Before I could Breathe, I cried (Tribute to Dimebag Darrell) Deadman Walks

Puntuation: 10


Review 2/10/09
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host

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