Verney 1826
Dark Ambient Gothic Ethereal Neoclassical (Germany-2009)


Verney 1826 is the one-man project of the german genius Meiko Richert, from Berlin.
This album gives the feeling of opening the pages of a gothic literature, whose pictures are magnified in the mind, unfolded in a neoclassical atmosphere, with the sound of bells, subtle Gregorian chants, laconic piano notes, whispers that suggest hidden secrets in mysterious passageways, or just the beautiful sound of the rain ...
Each song creates an old nostalgy between dark ambient & neofolk melodies, samplers, and repetitive chords that invite you to delight in the Gothic of the old school.
Deserves special mention the intervention on 2 songs, from the masterful interpretation of the operatic prima donna Anna Aliena (ShirayasDream singer), always accompanied by the distorted voice of Meiko, which gives a dark atmosphere, mysterious and evocative.
This magnificent pair, can be seen in the themes L'aurore and Summerends, and the latter was just the first I hear from both of them, that made me investigate their respective projects.
This album is a voyage to the Land of the Mist (Nebelland) causing deep feelings and emotions, being the product of sensitivity and mastery of Meiko, an ancient soul that draws from the past and his own memory, delicate gothic images, projecting them in a stage musical, which plunges us into a wonderful dream.
Highly recommended for sentient beings. Excellent.

My favorite tracks: Summerends, Lionel, L'Aurore, Albatros, Epitaph

Puntuation: 10
Review 25/09/09 by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host


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