Van Langen
Folk Medieval Metal Rock (Germany-2009)


Van Langen are undoubtedly the masters of medieval rock. This band was founded in 1994, is named after its creator's name: Marcus Van Langen, who shows that this genre, rooted in Teutonic nature sounds and even has much to offer.
This album reflects the evolution and clear message from the band, just over the line between medieval and modern sound, and proves to be a nice compendium of catchy melodies, which funny hymns.
The emotional force in the voice of Marcus invites to dance, and in turn, suggests a continuity and similarity between the warrior spirit of the medieval past and the spirit of struggle and longing, in these present times.
The whole album, is even and developed, and it is interesting to note, that there are 4 traditional songs, which were arranged by Marcus: Her Volcant, Piratenlied, Mellom Bakkar Og Berg and Samhain (only this, had been a phonograph record above).
The album starts directly with a highlight of medieval folk with bagpipes, punctuated by metal, marked by abundant guitar solos. Blooded medieval melodies with arrangements that break into the folk rock, and Marcus singing, backed by a warrior choir.
Several songs, represent in the mind, pictures of old inns and castles. And the icing on the cake is the last song, which differs from the rest, by the softness that gives the sound of the harp, creating a medieval princely climate, coupled with the troubadour songs of romance, to gain strength with folk metal, without departing from the essence of traditional of the customary and fascinating line of this great band.
We are facing a remarkable album, which offers a delightful and energizing voyage in a colorful ship, which leads us to the Middle Ages without abandoning the present. Really wonderful.
My favorite songs:Zeytreise, Herr Volcnant, Ich Will, Samhain, Mellon Bakkar, Piratenlied, Ich Bin In Min Herze Wunt


Punctuation: 10
Review 11/06/2009
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host
Buenos Aires,Argentina




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