V/A Beyond The Mirror Of Time CDR
Limited to 100 copies, while only 50 are available for sale
Neoclassical, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Dark Folk
Label: Shelley Schellack (Germany-2011)

"This complilation is all about the magic of books: Books which touched us, which opened new worlds for us or which took us on a journey"

These words are expressed by the creator of this masterpiece, an exquisite, delicate, deep compilation, which recaptures the essence of Gothic Neoclassical Dark Ambient Folk music in all its splendor.
Many international artists agreed to contribute one of their beautiful songs to take you on a unique travel through enchanted literary and musical dimensions"
Beyond The Mirror Of Time is  a magical title magnificently represented for each melody inspired by indispensable literary works of all time.

The album opens with Arkane, exquisite neoclassical theme of this Greek project, which conveys a brooding gothic atmosphere between a wail and a narrated text, which is seen from the dark and arcane ruins, inspired by Eons of Greek mythology.
Opus Nigrum is a Spanish project that presents a theme-based Dark Ambient magnificent martial dark atmosphere.
Friends Of Alice Ivy, Australian project, whose melody, almost a lullaby dark folk, sung by a sweet female voice, is based on a poem by Emilie Bronte.
Aeterna excellent Martial Dark Ambient Neoclassical theme, with a male declamation over an attractive dark melody, with repetitive and emerging rhythm, which represents the fundamental essence of "Antichrist" by Friedrich Nietzsche
Verney 1826 treats us to a medieval melody, which in its first tones invites our imagination, to move to the Middle Ages, at some place or forest day. Through his wonderful rhythmic and dark declaim, Meiko Reichert, invites us to know the story of King Henry IV by Shakespeare's.
Eldar, Dark Ambient Spanish project with a dark melody, instrumental from the depths more ethereal.
:Golgatha: one of the most concerning german Dark Folk projects with an acoustic dark song, with a perfect declaim that conveys the image of a quiet trench in the middle of the war, inspired by the novel "All Quiet on the Western Front".
Chronique Nocturne, French project that immerses us in a complete darkness, loneliness, death, a sublime delicacy feminine declaim inspired in Gabrielle Wittkop words.
The Victim's Ball, inspired by Parisian Blood Wedding, 1572, takes us back to dark times, with a gothic and neoclassical martial melody.
Nihil Novi Sub Sole, Dutch Industrial Dark Ambient project with a significant amount of items included in compilations of excellence, raises an issue of profuse dark, reflecting the tragedy and helplessness through its atmospheric scary instrumental melody.
ART ABSCONs refreshes us and gives light with their subject Folk Noir with the air of an Art-Rock inspired by "Les Chants de Maldoror".
Schattenspiel, prolific Dark Ambient Neoclassical project of Sven Phalanx, who offers an instrumental song that clearly conveys the essence of the novel by Jules Verne.
Geodesic, Dark Ambient Experimental project of Minneapolis, which accurately recreates the visceral ambient of Kafka's Metamorphosis.
Afterlife Forgotten, brings a beautiful and delicate neoclassical piano melody that ends the Compilation but not the imagination, leading us into endless literary landscapes.
This is a sublime compilation, essential for music lovers of darkness, deep, sentimental and melancholy. A carousel of melodies that creates literary images, inspired by those works that lead us to fantastic landscapes of incomparable beauty. Perfect to enjoy the reading of a masterpiece of Gothic literature or just close your eyes and go beyond ...
My favorite songs: Verney 1826 - Henry IV, Arkane - Sirenia Allure, :Golgatha: - Hammer Or Anvil (Remarque Mix), Chronique Nocturne - Le Necrophile, Aeterna - Anti Christ

Punctuation: 10/10

Review by McKland, Volver a la Magia Radio-Show
September 7, 2011

1. Arkane - Sirenia Allure
2. Opus Nigrum - Der Drucker
3. Friends Of Alice Ivy - The Summerland Meadows
4. Aeterna - Anti Christ
5. Verney 1826 - Henry IV
6. Eldar - Il Dur Aitin
7. :Golgatha: - Hammer Or Anvil (Remarque Mix)
8. Chronique Nocturne - Le Necrophile
9. The Victim's Ball - St. Bartholomew's Day
10. Nihil Novi Sub Sole - The Tragedy Engraved
11. ART ABSCONs - Schwarzes Schiff
12. Schattenspiel - Die Letzte Fahrt Der Nautilus
13. Geodesic - Metamorphosis
14. Afterlife Forgotten - ...soulvoid...


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