Stille Volk
Nueit De Sabbat
Medieval Celtic Dark Folk (France-2009) 


Nueit de Sabbat is the glorious return of one of the most amazing bands of the medieval music. French project composed of Patrice Roques (strings and winds) and Patrick Lafforgue (vocals, winds).
This is his fifth album, (highly anticipated by me, as I follow the work of this magnificent medieval fusion) which clearly shows the evolution of this talented musical duo, becoming the best work of their discography.
Full of haunting melodies and acoustic passages, whose pagan-themed lyrics, provide a sumptuous atmosphere, and medieval Celtic Sabbat.
The album doesn't fall in any composition, offering a feast of hearing, between genuine traditional medieval melodies, elaborated with the beautiful sound given by a colorful variety of epics instruments, like bagpipes, flutes, drums, acoustic guitars.
The hypnotic and emotive vocalization, and energetic songs and choruses ritual chords, blend perfectly with medieval fun, inviting to dance in magical rounds in the halls of a castle lit by the torches of the illusion, or the ecstasy of a witching night.
This is an essential album for those who want the invocation and the sweet charm of medieval times lived with the essential chords from the forest and the essential beauty of pagan rituals. Energizing, wonder and magic.

My favorite songs: La Danse de la Corne, Joglar, Banquet, Egerie Nocturne, Gaste Flamme, Nueit de Sabbat

Puntuation: 10


Review 6/10/09
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host

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