"Venus Calls"
Electro Gothic Neo-Classical / Alien Pop


Third album from this berliner duo made by the magnificent mezzo-soprano Anna Aliena and the compositer and musician Oliver Höhne. Self-proclaimed founders of the Alien-Pop style, this duo shows in Venus Calls they go beyond all musical tagline.
Knowing their past work, I can claim they have outdone themselves with this third chapter of their project, offering a produced, careful, neat, rich and entertained album, by the variety of combinations in the set of melodic songs featuring Venus Calls.
The first song proudly bearing the name Shiraya, providing an exquisite melody with oriental elements, danceable rhythm, without departing from the essence of dark and lyrical drama that excels in the interpretation of Anna.
Several songs are presented with dance beats, showing the basis of gender trademark of this duo: Alien-Pop. I can point out songs like Running girl, with reminiscents of 80's Techno-Pop, Tournament, with the personal stamp of the skill and finesse Anna's voice. And other issues even as regards the pace as On The Other Side, and False Astronomy.
I give The Lady a special mention by the strong interpretative of Anna, which imposed alien "dominatrix" emerged from the darkness.
Jolene provides extra element, an air of burlesque, faced by the prima-donna that combines to perfection phrases in English and French. It also exposes a referring burlesque drama, the majestic song Funeral.
Venus Calls, the leivmotiv of this album concept, is played beautifully in German, in a sweet and melodious way, which musically conservated in Light go out, a beautiful and romantic gothic ballad.
ShirayasDream offers a delicious musical cocktail that delights our ears, with the prolixity of refined musical Synth-Pop, as well as the lyrical dexterity of Anna Aliena, whose drama from a modern bell-canto, founded more than her personal and original stamp. A clear proposal aroused the interest of those who wish to undertake a voyage to Olympus to meet the calls of Venus, Goddess of Love
A masterly album.
My favorite songs: Shiraya, Running girl, Jolene, The Lady, Funeral, Light go out.

Puntuation: 10/10
Review by McKland
1 December,2010

01. Shiraya
02. Run If You Can
03. Running Girl
04. Tournament
05. On the Other Star
06. False Astronomy
07. The Lady
08. Jolene
09. Destiny
10. Venus Calls
11. Funeral
12. Peace in Heaven
13. Lights Go Out
14. Morning Sun

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