Magic Carpet Nights
Electro Gothic Alien-Pop (Germany-2009)


This is the wonderful duet of Berlin, involving the magnificent mezzo-soprano Anna Aliena and Oliver Hohne multifaceted musician. Claiming to be the creators of Alien-Pop, they combine a lavish array of songs that refresh every now known with a unique style and original.
The personal touch is what gives the vocal skills of Anna Aliena, which is emerging as a new prima donna of the Gothic, her passionate interpretation of impeccable record, gives emotional and sensual beauty to each song.
The talented composer Oliver succeeds masterfully, an alchemy of sounds that varies from Electro Gothic, Ethnic excerpt close to the Middle East, masterfully fused with precise rhythms of synthesizers.
Topics such as The Witch, with medievalists air, and The Alhambra flamenco-tinged (sung in a beautiful Spanish) show a mixture of melodies, reflecting the freedom enthusiastic and vocal mastery of Anna.
Songs like, which combines subtle declaim in English and French, reflecting the meticulous preparation and refinement of this fantastic mezzo-soprano with high goals and unlimited in her music search. As well offering seductive dark themes that fit into the Gothic, as is the case of Chastisty, Queen of the Night and the Garden of Decay.
Melancholic and emotive ballads like Sail Away, with an air of musical theater, Passage to Eden, continuing ethnic rhythms and dark romanticism as well as the glory Children of the Night, flirting with the Dark Folk, in which Anna displays her vocal talents with a feeling that reaches deep into the heart.
ShirayasDream, is a torrent of passion, is the fusion of two artists that go beyond talent.
This is a work as refined as refreshing, it's a dream voyage, entertaining and seductive, with each song has its own magic, saying that creativity and originality is possible in a genre that appeared to be exhausted.
My obeisance to Her Majesty Anna Aliena, Queen of the Night. Album of excellence.

My favorite songs: Children of the Night, Sail Away, Dark Angels, Queen of the Night, La Alhambra, Passage to Eden


Puntuacion: 10

Review 25/09/09
by McKland

Marcela Kruger

Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host


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