Rose Rovine e Amanti
Neofolk Apocalyptic (Italy-2009)

This excellent project and staff refined Italian Neofolk Apocalyptic, whose alma mater is the brilliant Damiano Mercuri on lead vocals, including guitar, mandolin, keyboards, bass and percussion, alternating in some songs in English the sweet voice of Naomi York, also on piano.
This is the second official album of one of the most notable European Neofolk. A resounding album, forceful and exquisite in their melodies, passionate lyrics and interpretation Damiano, a talented multi-faceted musician.
Each song is an italian landscape, a sample of Mediterranean sensibility, brittle beauty and potential interpretive nostalgy and claw.
Songs like Rose Rovine e Amanti or Ritorneremo Noi, define the conceptual essence of this extremely accurate in their melodies and profound lyrics, melancholic and reflective. These issues contain a beautiful melody laden nostalgy, inviting to a journey through serene landscapes, a solitary and pensive transit for any city street in the autumn moonlight.
Other issues such as Il Gatto osserva, Demian, the Devil Paura, Il Grande Tradimento, The End of This World, are erected apocalyptic in their chords, and acid in their criticism toward humanity, are hymns of intelligent irony to a hypocritical world that has devalued or forgotten creed, tradition and struggle of the past.
Over beautiful melodies on acoustic guitar, violin and piano, Damiano is a passionate soldier, whose torn and emotive vocalization, blend to perfection phrases in Italian and English. His wealth of passion and sarcastic, it is understood beyond all language, is the accurate expression of the universal reality, and this is declared victorious in his message.
Demian is a magnificent album, which establishes a Rose Rovine e Amanti, standing at the podium of the bands much more glorious Neofolk referents. Wonderfoul.

My favorite songs: Rose Rovine e Amanti, Noi Ritorneremo, Il Gatto Osserva, Demian


Puntuation: 10
Review 11/09/2009
by McKland

Marcela Kruger

Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host

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