S/T (CD)
Neo-Cabaret, Folk Noir (Italy-2008)


Discovering Roma Amor debut album means to me, what you might compare to opening a music box. I refer to the surprise and nostalgy combined into 11 songs that invite you to dream, and explore the melancholy of a sunset, the melody that you can hear walking Bohemian streets in nocturnal landscapes that recall the bella Italy...

The vocalization of Euski is clear, velvety female expressing sentiment and passion, displaying the nostalgy you can expect from a refreshing neo-cabaret rooted in the most refined traditional Italian folk.
The wonderful accordion and the acoustic guitars accompany the singing of Euski, who is a sensitive and talented human being in the amalgam of emotion that she shows in every track, sung in Italian, English or French.

A curiosity is that some songs have a sound closer to vinyl, which gives you that very special feeling to the ear, like to taste a vintage wine with the skill of an exquisite connoisseur.

To play Rome Amor is magic, is to feel fulfillment and dream, romanticism and passion. It is an emotional experience that reaches deep into the soul, a sweet melancholy, a nostalgy for bohemian nights, and after ending the last song, you are left with that feeling of wanting more, because it is this sense of brevity, only caused by good and transcendent, the result of the sensitivity of the soul to the surface.

My favorite songs: A Cosa Pensi - Next (de Jacques Brel) - Les Amants De Saint Jean
Puntuation: 10
Review 8/09/09

by McKland

Marcela Kruger

Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host


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