Occhi Neri (Italy-2012)
Folk Noir Dark Cabaret (Label: Old Europa Cafe)


This is the third studio album from this brilliant duo that make up Euski (vocals, guitar, synthesizers) and Candela (bass, accordion, castanets) with Roberto Zabberonni on lead guitar, mandolin and harmonica.
From the first moment of listening, Roma Amor guides us straight to the nostalgia, melancholy, the magic of emotional purity, including melodic folk ballads and love songs in Italian and French, inspired by artists of the 60 and 70 as Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf.
This album has twelve magnificent songs:

Pua sound and sublime opening with the song that gives title Occhi Neri (Black Eyes) a beautiful, nostalgic, intimate, emotional and melancholic song, that Euski gives her heart to the surface singing in their native language, accompanied by wonderful acoustic guitar and castanets. One of the most beautiful songs on the disc.

Mon Amour: Parisian accordion takes us on a carousel, with the special Roma Amor Dark Cabaret style that revolves around the romance. A love song in impeccable French, and Euski's ragged voice digs into the heart accompanied by a wonderful acoustic guitar to the rhythm of the accordion that charms as well as Euski's desperate vocalization. I'm sure that Edith Piaf is standing clapping her.

Le Coeur au Chaud begins with a sweet harmonica, and the soft tenderness of Euski that continues singing in French, creating images close to Edith Piaf, as an italian Sparrow who knows about melancholy, who knows the smell of Paris.

A te che mi Vinci is the following composition with a beautiful acoustic guitar introduction and romance is installed with a love song in Italian, a passionate Mediterranean melody.

Disertore is another italian song of love, between melancholy and deep and sincere feeling, when the accordion sets the pace more nostalgic of refining Dark Cabaret. Another ascent to the carousel, with extra ring from the magnificent Euski's vocalization as a prayer.

Clearly Mediterranean melody for Euforia, with that feeling of waves between European joy / sadness. The mandolin takes us to the beautiful streets of Italy, with the impressive sound of the sea in the background ...

La Concierge, another beautiful song in intimate French, which could well be a lullaby, a kaleidoscope full of images of memory.

Melancolie, continues to tear the previous songs, a song of love, sadness, melancholy pure in French. If it had colour, it'll be black and white.

Elle est Seule with the first chords of the accordion, leads directly to Charles Aznavour's La Bohême. The passionate singing of Euski provides the full magic of a french carousel having us for a tour of the secrets of Paris at midnight, or a antiques fair where we always expect a treasured relic ... And the final whisper, a muse to inspire us, guide us to the eternal magic ...

Sensualita as dictated by its title, is a sensual song with Euski's emotive dysphonia that fascinates, radiating sensuality and passion, while the melody is approaching timidly to a tango song based in Paris.

Fuoco Sottile, another melancholy and Mediterranean song, flirting with a tinge of Bossa Nova.

Madrigale is the last song on the album, which Euski comes declaiming her manifesto to love...

This is a sublime work. We are witnessing high growth and evolution of this italian band whose style is so personal, so honest in their compositions, from the gently retro art-work to nostalgic and romantic melodies, full of tenderness, fragility, strength and emotion. Each song is a cinematic love song, by the projection of images as sharp as Euski only knows how to express with her passion.

Each song comes to settle in the heart, that feels and nods, imploring one more song...
Highly recommended for nostalgic and melancholy, for all lovers of love. Exquisite!

My favourite songs: Occhi Neri, Mon Amour, Le Coeur Au Chaud, A Te Che Mi Vinci, Euforia, Disertore, Elle Est Seule, Sensualità


Punctuation: 10/10

Review by Marcela Kruger "McKland", Volver a la Magia Radio-Show host. March 11, 2012


1. Occhi Neri / 2. Mon Amour / 3. Le Coeur Au Chaud / 4. A Te Che Mi Vinci / 5. Disertore/ 6. Euforia / 7. La Concièrge / 8. Mélancolie / 9. Elle Est Seule / 10. Sensualità / 11. Fuoco Sottile / 12. Madrigale






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