Liebe ist für alle da
Industrial Metal (Germany-2009)


Liebe ist für alle da ("The love is there for all") is the sixth album by the band. Very expected after a silence of 3 years from Völkerball (third DVD that includes an audio CD with a concert at the Arena in Nimes - France, second live album)
The cover of this CD is very suggestive, showing the band members gathered around a table ready to devour Venus, the goddess of love in Roman mythology ... a parable inspired by the famous painting The Anatomy Lesson of Rembrandt, but signed and sealed by Rammstein...
Listening to the mystical environment intro of Rammlied, we can assume that this bombastic album will bring us...opening with a furious shattering sound of the best Industrial Metal Rammstein, who has returned with glory, passion, lush and powerful. Keeps the energetic climax in Ich tu dir Weh (I'm hurting you). And then, sounds of fanfares announcing another thunderous theme: Weidmanns Heil (The greeting of the hunter), returning to the sound of their early work that listing them as pioneers and icon of Metal Industrial bands.
Alternating with the more raw sound of the band, marking its edge, with songs more melodious chords without losing power on any topic.
Ballads like Frühling in Paris (Spring in Paris) (with phrases in French) and Roter Sand (Red Sand) remind Seeman or Onne Dich, by male melancholy and tenderness in the vocalization of the genius Till.
And the sumptuous equipment carried out by these powerful miner men, with their experienced continued strength in Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood), Liebe ist für alle da, Mehr (More).
Special mention for the hook and salable Pussy, able to attract teenagers, since it was released as a first cut, accompanied by an explicit video, which shows the most luxurious flank music market, with which the boys of Rammstein like to play.
The album is brilliant, never wanes, demonstrating that these Germans have creativity to time, and who are in their prime. Not for nothing are an icon and kept steadfast in the Industrial Metal podium. Powerful, Monumental, Essential.
My favorite songs: Rammlied, Weidmanns Heil, Liebe ist für alle da, Wiener Blut, Frühling in Paris, Mehr.


Puntuation: 10
Review 20/10/2009
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host
Buenos Aires,Argentina

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