Cabaret Syndrome
Dark Cabaret Folk Noir (Italy-2009)
Debut album of the italian duo formed by Carlo De Filippo on keyboards, synthesizers and piano, and Gian Vigo vocals, guitars, bass and drums, with the collaboration of the female voice of Simona Giusti (acoustic guitar and tambourine) and Corrado Deer on violin and percussion.
According to define themselves: "Oniric" is a term for what belongs to the world of dreams. Remember hints, insights, experience of dreams and illusions of the mind, giving the possibility of distancing oneself from reality, to understand it better ...
This beautiful musical work asseverate it. It begins with a song that accurately conveys what its title means: Once Upon a Time in the Cabaret: piano intro, pua noise, footsteps and a door that closes and opens a realm of dreams with the magic of an accordion to which adds up acoustic instruments, whose musical twists and apocalyptic immerse us in a nostalgic atmosphere of night cabarets and pictures of the constant feeling of bohemian nights.
One of the most exquisite songs is Blessing, in which the male voice singing intimate, has an erotic sense, passionate, with a beautiful estibillo that fits the sweet voice of Simona in choirs. Un gris bord, sung in French, with a closest to the neofolk melody, accompanied by a rich orchestration, which leaves the climax of bohemia. The echos of the sky, holding the whole album sound in our minds: a beautiful carousel, successfully fusing sound more martial court without leaving the spins marked by the accordion, as the voices blend with samplers reminiscent of floydian sound.
Leather fire, offers a melody near the western, nostalgic without leaving the subtle martial beat and a piano solo combined with acoustic guitars which gives it a flight, which invites you to dream.
The only instrumental melody is exquisite: Ophelia's portrait, nostalgic decadence, whose orchestration brimming with beauty.
L'autre, again sung in French, combining singing Gian with sweetness female fragile of Simona creating a wonderfully romantic melody.
And Last Temptation rescue marks an accurate closure, which summarizes a melodic exploration along the 9 tracks of the album, leaving us with a strange feeling of wanting more Oniric like a pleasant dream that we do not want to end ever.
This album, filled with apasionate nostalgy, invites us to a voyage, with lyrics spontaneous and sentimental (most of them in english and only 2 in french) expressing feelings in a halo of memories of a past the nightlife, surrounded by a thin veil of decay.
A journey of ecstatic beauty oniric sense and worth taking. For those who enjoy bands like Spiritual Front, Novalis Deux, L'Chamber Orchestra of Noir, Simon Boney, Calle della Morte, and look for a refreshing and hypnotic album, offering something more ... Musical master piece of exquisite melancholy beauty.
My favorite songs: Blessing, Un gris bord, The echos of the sky, Leather fire, L’autre


Punctuation: 10
Review 2/11/2009
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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