Life's Decay
"Eklaasera" (France-2009)
Industrial Gothic, Retro Psychodelic Lounge, Darkwave, Experimental Avant-garde


This is the fifth album of this interesting project from Paris, which is a duo founded in 2003 by Lyktwasst, and in 2005, was included the exquisite singer-songwriter Alea.
On the first listen of this album, you have two possibilities: seem strange or embellish from the first chord. And my embellished.
It has a unique atmosphere, which can be compared with the enchantment of discovering a magical realm, creating the illusion of first opening a music box, or climb to a sonorous carousel.
All themes offer a rich instrumentation, including piano, cello, violin, trumpet and accordion combined with experimental avantgarde sounds, creating mystery and melancholia, in a dark atmosphere, volatile and intimate.
The vocalization of Alea is a sweet and sensual beauty, recalls to Heavenly Voices of the 90's, but goes beyond, with her vocal nuances and complice whispers, transiting between nostalgy and a sentimental energizing cocktail.
The album as a whole is impossible to include in a single genre, for its wide range sound and clear influences from experimental music, post-jazz, darkwave and a refined retro atmosphere. At times it reminds me of Les Secrets de Morphee, Collection d'Arnell Andrea or Tuxedomoon, but Life's Decay displays an emotion that makes their seducer compositions stay away from any comparison.
This is a work so elaborate as attractive, demonstrating the creative talent of this duet at the forefront of the musical vanguard. Hypnotic and charming.
My favorite songs: Szelenia, Swanics, Valensky, Eisenval (instrumental), Rokterdam, Sequestel     

Puntuation: 10
Review 9/10/09
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host


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