Italia: Ultimo Atto

(Deluxe Digipack Booklet)
Melodramatic Neo-Cabaret, Symphonic Folk Noir



This is a musical masterpiece consisting of 13 pieces in the genre of the melodramatic song, with a touch of neo-cabaret, full of nostalgy and IANVA nuances that make a unique musical project.
The moral and spiritual conflict of a nation is told in the musical resources of poetic neorealism as a band like Ianva can be done with impeccable skill.
The album begins with a foreword by the declaimed of the histrionic Enrico Silvestrin, announcing: "The future is imminent and apocalyptic- excerpts from prophetic texts of the great Pier Paolo Pasolini. And the masterful musical opens in Dov'eri quel giorno? with Mercy's special cadence and vocals, accompanied by a soft martial melody, along with a grand symphonic orchestration reminiscent of Italian music of the 60's, as seen in songs such as Negli Occhi d'un Ribelle, Passion (transcendental spanish female figure of the Civil War) and L'Estate dei Silenzi. Samples, sounds extracted from old radios, which invite a projection of images of an chaotic Italy amid the Second World War, represented in Galleria delle Grazie. La Stagione di Caino, offers refined Apocalyptic Neofolk in an impressive symphony of sampled continene speeches invoking the struggle for "the honor and independence of the Motherland-.
One of the highlights of the album, it marks the wonderful piece Luisa Ferida, with sublime performance, intense and dramatic, which characterizes Stefania D'Alterio, which tells the story of this beautiful actress who was shot ruthlessly, despite her innocence, by the partisans, only because of her fame during the fascist regime.
Another issue highlighted is Bora, with the intense and passionate featuring by Mercy. Already advancing on the 50's, In compagnia dei Lupi, in the voice of Stefania, a beautiful song with traditional Mediterranean melody and her passionate emotion. Combined with impeccable martial symphony orchestration and samplers of the urban crowd in the chaos is Cement Armato. Neofolk Mediterranean Sones combined with exquisite orchestration and the vocalization of Stefania, who narrates with her masterful drama, in the style of Italian diva of the 60's, what happened in Rome in November 1975: Death of Pasolini, in Piazza dei Cinquecento. Italy: Ultimo Atto, final theme, concluding with a reflection by Mercy, the author of all these introspective lyrics. After a projection of vivid images, feelings, emotions, and the giant screen that offers this magnificent masterpiece, is only the reflection and hope for tomorrow, not to forget the farce that the past recorded in history .. . and the feeling and the longing to return to listen the whole album again ... Excellent and indispensable masterpiece.
My favorite songs: Luisa Ferida, Bora, Piazza dei Cinquecento, In compagnia dei Lupi, Dov'eri tu quel Giorno?, Prologo

Puntuation: 10

Review 27/08/09
Reissue 22/10/09
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host


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