Black Tape for a Blue girl
10 Neurotics
CD in DIgi-Pack w/ 28-page booklet

Dark Cabaret Gothic Neoclassical Ethereal (USA-2009)



Brand-new album from this prolific band, whose since 1986, is delighting us with their musical beauty rooted in darkwave, gothic ethereal and neoclassic. The interesting thing about this project headed by Sam Rosenthal, composer, producer and founder of the prestigious label Projekt Records, the band is that it remained throughout the decades to reinvent itself.
Sam had the collaboration of artists of weight on the music scene as Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls), Nicki Jaine (Revue Noir), Lucas Lanthier (Cinema Strange) and Athan and Laurie displaying his vocal art.
This fusion of magnificent artists, coupled with the evolution of the band, resulting in a sumptuous and brilliant album, the typical dark melodies alternating with the refreshing aura of dark cabaret in texture and deeply nostalgic.
Since the first issue, we see a greater force than in previous works, incorporating electronic sounds and percussion that give accurate pace. Without losing the ethereal aura, during the album invites us to delight maximum, creating a stage full of images, based on provocative, erotic, passionate and theatrical feelings.
The letters, all written by Sam, speaks of desire and play upon the conscience, the passions, fetishism, anonymous love and deepen their love relationships and bonds.
The photographic art of the booklet makes clear, we are immersed in a play in which each scene is represented by the musical atmosphere precise, and engaging interpretation of each of the singers.
Knowing the complete works of the band from its beginnings to the present, I can rightly say that this is the masterpiece of Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Wonderful and essential.
My favorite songs: Sailor Boy, Inch Worm, Rotten Zurich Cafe, The Pleasure in the Pain, Curious, Yet Ashamed

Punctuation: 10
Review November 23, 2009
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host
Buenos Aires, Argentina





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