Bacio di Tosca
Und Wenn Das Herz Auch Bricht!
Operistic Neoclassical Electro-Gothic (Germany-2008)


This is the second album of the superb draft of the sublime mezzo-soprano and composer Dörthe Flemming. The name of her project, refers to The Kiss of Tosca, the summit of the magnificent opera scene from Giacomo Puccini's Tosca.
Auch wenn das Herz und bricht!, could be translated as When the heart is broken too, a cry that this clearly represented along this musical work that combines the influences of classical music, German Lied, with electronic Gothic sounds, which at times rub the Dark Wave, asserting an outstanding mark of distinction.
Most of the lyrics, are inspired or extracted poetic from poetical works of classical authors, and music is composed by Dörthe Flemming, except the size which opens the album, Ich Grolle nicht, which belongs to the master Schumann. This is a magnificent neoclassical aria, with a neoclassical symphony of chellos, violins and gothic keyboards, which is also seen in subjects such as Die Zeit ist master and Liebe und Tod hin.
The vocalization of Dörthe Flemming, is endowed with great expressiveness, based on a careful liric training. The beauty of her operatic tone conveys romance, passion, emotion, with a sensuality steeped in a dark atmosphere for moments of agony, which touches the deepest sorrow, and rises again to the highest, for her unlimited vocal capacity nuances and feelings.
Several songs, can be defined as melancholic, sad and dramatic arias, reflecting weakness while integrity, rooted in an exquisite baroque romanticism.
In perfect harmony, live together with current sounds songs, without letting go of the neoclassical core, and worth mentioning the participation of Sascha Blach, whose deep voice in the style of the electro-gothic, achieves a wonderful duet with Dörthe, reaching the summit neoclassical into darkness as Waldesgespräch and Die Nonne und der Ritter.
A curiosity, are the 3 bonus track: a club-edit version, and 2 remixes by the brilliant Bruno Kramm of Das Ich, which brings his share electro-gothic dance.
Definitely, this album is a masterpiece, for those who seek the highest in terms of music and vocalization. An essential and indispensable album to the delight of the soul and heart. Masterly Beautiful.

My favorite tracks: Ich grolle nicht, Lehn' Deine Wang, Tu was Du willst, Die Zeit ist hin, Waldesgespräch, Lebewohl, Liebe und Tod, Die Nonne und der Ritter

Puntuation: 10


Review 25/09/2009
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host

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