Viejo Mundo
Deluxe CD Digi-Pack + 3'' MCD
NeoFolk Alpine Ritual (Spain-2009)

This is the marvellous debut album of Arnica, whose name derives from Greek and means "mountain", this term, absolutely defines the band and their music and lyrics.
This project is from Barcelona, Spain, recorded mostly in Catalunya. Portrayed by Dani Arnica handles voice and lyrics, guitar, bagpipes, percussion, accordion, horn. Saul Arnica: lyric voice, accordion, percussion, horn. Carles Arnica handles voice and lyrics, flutes, percussion, mouth harp, horn. The old man's voice is played by Peter, and Bagpipes by Raul Guerrero. Neofolk artists also collaborate as Dimo Dimov (Svarrogh), Max Perchta (Sturmpercht) and Andrew King (Sol Invictus).
Wonderful conceptual work, we have the blessing of understanding each letter in its entirety, for clarity in spanish language, which guides us to a magical musical voyage of the most representative neo-folk ritual rooted in gaelic alpine tradition .
Viejo Mundo (Old World) as its title suggests, is a hypnotic chant arcane to Earth, the ancient pagan beliefs, rural herders and hunters, and intense singing of the warrior, which is a ritual in itself, expressed in each song.
The whole album move us to a warm shelter in middle of a winter forest full of ancestral spirits.
Already in the opening, the voice of an ancient sage, played by Peter, who gives his legacy by inviting the pilgrim, son of the soil, to approach the warm crackling fire, offering a good wine and meat, to hear his good advice.
Pagan songs, poetry and wise counsel: "Sing my son, for the storm to hit the drum for you. Cree, my son in your dream, keeps the bravery. Take care of your wings".
Each song expresses the voice entire ancestral memories that revalue the past, that invites to dance around the fire and give thanks to Mother Earth. The longing of pagan times, the lost gods and their anger at the possible oblivion.
The letters, presented with a dark clear and nostalgic view that nothing is what it was: "This is not your land", and hope for the return of the ancestors, the pilgrim and warrior, must remove the veil their eyes, to resume its course around the ruins, resplendent in a revival.
"In my blood lives the warrior, from which you are afraid to fight. In my attitude lives the wolf, which you fear to find. In my eyes live eagle, which you fear to see fly. In my arms live the bear, which you fear to embrace. On my skin I carry my ancestors, who you came to kill. Now you fear is your greatest weakness...Only fear can paralyze the warrior...Never stop me...

For those who enjoy Sturmpercht, Hekate, Forseti, Sol Invictus. Essential for warriors, sons of the Earth. Neofolk original and superb.
My favorite songs: Última hoguera, Danzas de Guerra, Tu Tierra, Hijo de Deva, Caballos Solares, Tormenta, Tu Miedo.


Punctuation: 10
Review November 27, 2009
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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