"Kokon. Ein schaurig-schönes Schachtelstück"

Austria-2011 Digipack

Theatrical Avant-Garde Dramatic Neoclassical Dark Circus Metal

This is Angizia's sixth album, a bombastic production of this awesome project led by Michael Haas y Emmerich Haimer, relying on the impressive lyrical voice of Irene Denner, and collaboration of excellent musicians.
The album was released on February 11, 2011, by the independent label Medium Theater. The title might also be translated: "Cocoon: A hauntingly beautiful piece in a box ", which follows the theater musical style of lasts albums: “Ein Toter fährt gern Ringelspiel” and “39 Jahre für den Leierkastenmann".
However, Kokon, marks an important change, since it dropped the accordion, incorporating violin, sporting a dramatic intensity more sinister and dark, within a central role for the piano.
The script, created by Michael Haas, is a musical play performed by way of Operetta. It speaks about the power of revenge, grotesque poses a dramatic story with bizarre items on a tormented creature caged in a cocoon, hanging and moaning on the roof of a box.

We are facing a masterpiece, a unique piece of intense conceptual drama.
The vocal and theatrical interpretation of Michael, gives a high content of irony and sarcasm, bordering the sinister: a torrent mad and passionate, who along with Irene, are enhanced, while beyond the scope of the Cirkus music label Bohemian Folk. The brillant essence of Dark Kabaret, and a successful approach to Gypsy, place to Angizia on the podium, as the pioneered project of Avant-Garde.

Kokon invites to a round trip, between dream and magic, filled with nostalgy and melancholy, with acute blood emotion and passion.
The theatrical drama reaches its peak, showing that Angizia is a band that, while retaining its original style, is growing with giant steps, overflowing with passionate creativity without limits. Outstanding and essential master-piece.

Favorite Songs: Es Ist Leidenschaft, Sack Und Asche, Maß Für Maß, Spindelgroll, Ein Quantchen Gift, Ich, Sack und Asche, Aus Traum und Tanz Ein Walzer, Neigung zum Nichts

Puntuation: 10/10

Review by Marcela Kruger (McKland)
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show
May 11, 2011


01. Borstig. schaurig. flackernd.
02. Spindelgroll
03. Ein Quäntchen Gift
04. Graues Meer
05. Es ist Leidenschaft.
06. Nichts an mir weckt Begehr
07. Ich
08. Die Bratsche klingt nach klammer Luft.
09. Leise Feuer brennt in Brunst
10. Sack und Asche
11. Aus Traum und Tanz. Ein Walzer.
12. Maß für Maß
13. Der Verfall
14. Flammen flüstern
15. Neigung zum Nichts
16. Bühne, still




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