"Nothing is Infinite"
Darkwave, Synth-Pop, Gothic Ballad, Neoclassical



Angelzoom is the solo musical projectof the vocalist Claudia Uhle ex-former of the German band X-Perience.
In her style prevails a techno trend, with a marked influence Darkwave and New Age, resulting in a personal stamp original and fresh.
Nothing is Infinite is her second full length album.
Excels in every song the vocal finesse of Claudia, nice melodies settled on the Synth-Pop and Darkwave, which makes to the whole album, a pleasant and attractive listening.
The vocal range of Claudia, inevitably brought to mind the voice of Sonja Kraushofer (Persephone & L'Amme Immortelle) and sometimes also referred me to the best vocal of Madonna, but certainly the interpretation of Claudia has a personal brand defined with identity, asserting her personal style without comparisons.
Maybe I would have liked her to include a ballad, rather than one of these Synth-Pop songs, or why not, another cover, such as the excellent version of Into My Arms (Deine Lakaien) in her MCD predecessor: The Things you said (2010).
The album begins with Battle Angel, an environmental neoclassical instrumental interlude, recurring in 3 chapters around the disc.
The first song is Things you said, highlighting a nice dance beat refining Synth-Pop, with a marked influence of Techno-Pop music of the 80's.
These Arms of Mine, is a sweet and melodious Darkwave ballad, steeped in sentimental romanticism.
The romantic trend continue in Runaway, one of my favorite songs, a beautiful gothic ballad with emotional force, outstanding for her beauty interpretation. In my opinion, this song could well be part of the soundtrack of a film, at one of the principal scenes of romance...
Songs like My Innermost, Hypnotised, Everyone Cares, Doomsday, faithfully represent the genuine combination of Darkwave and Synth-Pop with New Wave influences.
The beautiful ballad Handsome World, stands with its haunting Synth-Pop melody and its reminiscent to ballads from the 80's.
A pleasant surprise is to find the wonderful cover version of Fragile, Sting's song. Claudia plays with a feminine delicacy truly representing and expressing the fragility that enhances the essence of this beautiful song.
The album closes with Afterlife, a beautiful melody and neoclassical instrumental environmental bringing our imagination into a dimension where love and infinite meet themselves.
Angelzoom spreads its wings, and Claudia exquisite interpretation provides a magical journey filled with romance, musical freshness and emotional essence. Beautiful.

My favorite songs: Runaway, Fragile, These arms of Mine, Handsome World.

Puntuation: 9/10
Review by McKland
(Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host)

2 December, 2010

1Battle Angel Chapter V
2The Things You Said (Album Version)     
3These Arms Of Mine     
5Battle Angel Chapter I     
6My Innermost     
9Everyone Cares (Album Version)     
10Doomsday (2010)     
11Handsome World     
12Battle Angel Chapter II     

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