Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water
CD Digipack + CD-ROM (Reissue)
Synphonic Neoclassical Gothic Metal (USA-2009)

Aesma Daeva is a Persian angelic figure whose name means "the shining one". This American Symphonic Gothic Metal Neoclassical band, was formed in 1998 by John Prassas, songwriter and guitarist. Went by vocalists such as Rebecca Cords, who after recording the first album was replaced by Melissa Ferlaak, then (2005) Lori Lewis (Therion)swapped her.
Celebrationg the decade of the launch of Here Lies The One ... (flaunting a suggestive title) this special issue contains eight additional tracks, among which stand an excellent remake of Stay, by Edward Davidson (Attrition). Introit II (Reminder) a remix near the synth-pop, made by the original group (N. Copernicus and John Prassas).
The cover of the issue Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, superb symphonic gothic metal version fused to the vocal strength of Lori. Besides the gothic metal remake of what was the first cut of the band: Darkness (Arena 2008).
This album itself is a work in 3 acts, a sublime symphony full of depth, emotion and beauty, providing a continuously variable that captures the attention and delights, from the first song to the end.
The first act is filled with wonderful songs: O Death and Downvain, led by the exquisite vocalization of Rebecca, symphonic and progressive metal with embellishments darkwave, with the precise rhythm and darkness of the most refined gothic metal. Stay and Disdain (Angel Mix) have features closest to darkwave and electronic synths around the bases.
The combination of all genres, consumed in Introit II, along with the vocalization of Danielle. More neoclassical, are songs such as When I Have Fears ... (with lyrics by John Keats) and Communion, emphasizing the lyrical Rebecca vocalization in her greatest purity. Or the delicate development of Luceat Eis, with a dark and melancholy atmosphere afforded by the violin. Darkness, in the voice of Danielle, is a sign of mastery of Aesma Daeva, scraping the electro-gothic, which states in Stromkern Mix version.
In its 10th anniversary, Aesma Daeva is one of the most splendid and important current bands, found in its fullness, with a unique style, which is a trademark. A masterful album and a must for all lovers of symphonic metal gothic and neoclassic.
My favorite songs:  O Death, Darkness, Runnig Up That Hill, When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be, Introit II

Punctuacion: 10
Review December 2, 2009
by McKland
Marcela Kruger
Volver a la Magia Radio-Show Host
Buenos Aires, Argentina




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